About us

Provider of Digital Solutions within the European community territory, generating and safeguarding evidence by interposition and providing Qualified Trust Services.

We specialize in designing and implementing comprehensive processes for electronic contracting and communication, allowing us to develop high-impact projects in transforming and evolving traditional contracting models into models of certified digital contracting with electronic evidence assurance.

The end result is a personalized and differentiated service compared to other market solutions, of very high quality and great value to our clients.

Our technological capabilities and business experience, combined with the highest levels of legal security, information security, and cloud infrastructure, form the foundation of our digital solutions.

Legal Security

Our Digital Solutions are registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, with DIGITEL TS acting as a Qualified Trusted Electronic Services Provider, according to eIDAS Regulation No. 910/2014 and within Europe’s Trusted Services List (TSL).

Additionally, we have the legal technical compliance of the law firm ECIJA Abogados.

Information Security

We have implemented an ISMS (Information Security Management System) under ISO 27001 certification.

Additionally, we have a SOC (Security Operations Center), an internal area responsible for ensuring the Organization’s cybersecurity.

Cloud Infrastructure

We utilize a MultiCloud model that, along with our top-tier providers (IBM, Amazon, or Facebook), allows us to offer all the advantages of a high-performance Cloud environment with SLAs of 99.9%.

We also have the capacity and ease of integration of our solutions with enterprise systems through REST APIs.

Evolution of Digitel TS

We began our journey in 2016, when MADISON, a Spanish multinational specializing in global marketing services, created a business model: DIGITEL TS by MADISON, to automatically manage the sending of contractual documentation through the main existing electronic communication channels.

At DIGITEL TS, we are a team of professionals that brings together experts in customer management, processes, technology, and electronic signatures. Additionally, we specialize in comprehensive contracting processes, which has allowed us to transform and evolve traditional contracting models into models of digitally certified contracting through electronic means.

Over our years of experience, we have developed projects of great significance that have led us to manage and certify over three million electronic contracting operations annually for our clients, making us the reference provider for the leading Telecommunications and Utilities companies in Spain. We are increasingly present in sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Health, and Consumer, solidifying our position in the market.


We are a business group specializing in marketing and technology services, with great expertise in multiple economic sectors and strong technological and operational capabilities to address the most demanding challenges.

Collaborators and Partnerships

We collaborate with Tecnalia, a leading Research and Technological Development Center in Europe, to promote key technologies in the fields of cybersecurity and blockchain.

We collaborate with the BISITE research group (Bioinformatics, Intelligent Systems, and Educational Technology) in the European IoTalentum program, coordinated by the University of Valladolid, to conduct research in the area of the Internet of Things.

We are members of Alastria, the leading non-profit association in Spain promoting the digital economy through the development of decentralized ledger technologies (Blockchain).

We are a member of the Ametic Blockchain Commission, the main association representing the digital technology industry in Spain and a leader in blockchain development.

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