Comprehensive Management of Food Industry Contracts.

Registro de contratos de Alimentación por Digitel TS

Accessible, easy, fast, and secure across all channels. Also available on WhatsApp.

Ensures Compliance with the Contract Registry

With the DIGITEL TS solution, access seamless integration with the Food Industry Contract Registry.

Automate the food contract process and store them in a single platform.

Compliance with Legal Requirements without Additional Effort

All centralized in a solution that allows you to manage everything from digital contract signing and automated sending to registration, and storage.

What are the benefits of automated contract submission to the AICA Registry?

Beneficios Digitel Ts

Food Contracts Registry

Manual Registration of Food Industry Contracts, mandatory from June 30, 2023.

  • From June 30, 2023, it is mandatory to register contracts and annexes signed by primary producers, cooperatives, agricultural transformation societies, and producer organizations in the Food Industry Contracts Registry to facilitate inspection and control by the AICA. Until now, this task has involved manual entry of these contracts, but DIGITEL TS stands out as one of the pioneers by offering automatic loading as an integral part of the contracting process. In contrast, to date, this task has involved the manual loading of such contracts, but DIGITEL TS distinguishes itself as one of the pioneers by offering the option of automatic loading as an integral part of the contracting process.

Automated Registration of Food Industry Contracts

  • Digitally sign contracts with Primary Producers via email, WhatsApp, or SMS through DIGITEL TS, and we will handle the contract registration process, modifications, and annexes with the AICA.

DIGITEL TS is different

Are you aware of the differential values of comprehensive food contract management offered by DIGITEL TS?


1. Client

Sign up as a Digitel TS customer and consumer of its electronic contracting services through various channels: WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc.

2. Client

Sign up as a buyer and Legal Representative of the company in the Food Contracts Registry.

3. Client

Digitel TS registration as an “Authorized Person.”

4. Client

Request to use the AICA API.

5. Client

Once the request is approved, provide Digitel TS with access keys to the API.

9. Digitel TS

Document custody and storage of evidence for 5 years.

8. Digitel TS

Automatic and continuous import of contracts, updates, and attachments into the AICA Registry.

7. Client

Recurrent signing via Digitel TS of contracts, updates, and attachments with Primary Producers.

6. Digitel TS

Registration and storage of client credentials for automatic transfer of contracts to AICA.

Infografía del proceso AICA en Digitel TS
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